Patriot Pen Essay Contest - This is for students in grades 6 - 8 and is conducted in the beginning of the school year (Sept). We are currently involved in the VECC (Ventnor) Middle School. We award prizes to the top 3 participants. The theme for 2022/23 is "My Pledge to Veterans."
College Scholarships - in 2018 we began awarding Absecon Island students at various high schools scholarships that ranged from $1800 - $5000 to 5 students from Atlantic City and Mainland High Schools for a total of $19,800. Amounts may vary each year as well as schools participating. Preference is also given to those with some sort of military connection either through JROTC or family service. In 2019 we have awarded $18,000 including an online Masters level fully funded scholarship to the Coast Guard Military Spouse of the Year. In 2020 we awarded $17,000 in scholarships for students attending Texas A&M; Rutgers; St Joe's and Univ of Central Florida - another great year even during a pandemic. Scholarships awarded in 2021 to Rutgers and Texas A&M amounted to $8000.


Our programs support our service members while they are on the front line, as they are being discharged and long after they return. Your tax-deductible donation will be immediately directed to the VFW programs where your support is most urgently needed.